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We're planning to add the following resources to the TotalBrainFitness website in the near future:

  •     Links to the latest information on breakthrough findings in brain research and an ongoing summary about what's the latest news in research on the brain
  •     An annotated bibliography of the best books available for high level Brain Fitness including memory fitness
  •     Links to the best software available for Brain Fitness
  •     Locations to get a comprehensive cognitive assessment in your area
  •     Referrals that you would like for resources in your area
  •     A form to help you create a personal action plan to achieve and maintain high level Brain Fitness
  •     A review of what you're already doing for brain fitness
  •     Guidance to books that will give you a healthy daily plan for eating well for optimum brain fitness or if you prefer calling it a healthy brain diet
  •     How to find Laughter Yoga clubs, groups and classes in your area
  •     Music Activities that will be good for brain fitness

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